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proof-edit-me-blogAt Proof Edit Me, we want to empower you with the tools and information to help you achieve your goals. That's why we set up our News Column page: to share guides, hints and tips that will help you achieve your goals.

proofreadingNever underestimate the benefits of proofreading. How often have you picked up a brochure or flyer promoting a business to find that it is littered with spelling mistakes? The fact is it happens all too often. I often scan the advertising material that I receive both personally and as a business and the amount of errors never ceases to amaze me.

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website-designSo, you’ve decided to get online … but where to start!  Well, the first step is to choose your domain name.  A domain name, simply put, is your website address on the internet; it is the name people will type into their browser in order to visit your website. There are some considerations when choosing your domain name, read on to find out more.

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proofreadingThere is some confusion around the use of 'i.e.' and 'e.g.' and when they should be used.

Both 'i.e.' and 'e.g.' are abbreviations for latin terms and it is helpful to understand the latin terms and their meanings in order to understand whether it should be 'i.e.' or 'e.g.' that is used.

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