editing-businessesAt Proof Edit Me, our passion is helping people and our aim is to work with you to produce high quality, error free documents and online material that is clear and concise and conveys your intended message. We provide business editing services, offering suggestions and proposing ideas to fine-tune your writing. Contact Us to find out how we can help you. 

Why Copy Edit?

Documents or online material that are poorly written or littered with mistakes look unprofessional and can damage the credibility of your business or organisation.  Errors distract the reader and dilute the message that you are attempting to communicate. It is difficult to copy edit your own work due to familiarity with the project and spell checkers do not catch missing words, misused words, incorrect punctuation and some mis-spellings, nor do they check that your writing is clear and coherent.

Proof Edit Me offers a fresh pair of eyes to review your project and offer suggestions for improvement.

What are the Benefits of Copy Editing?

Copy editing results in the following benefits:

  • You produce high quality, error free documents and online material
  • You obtain a different perspective ensuring your writing is clear and concise and conveys your intended message
  • You present a professional image for your business or organisation
  • You create the right impression and increase consumer confidence resulting in increased business
  • You save time and money by outsourcing to a professional copy editor as you reduce the need for these skills to exist within your business or organisation and you only pay for the resources as and when you require them

What Documents and Online Material Can We Copy Edit?

We can provide business editing services on any type of document or online material including:

  • Corporate communications and corporate documents including annual reports, company profiles, mission statements and letters
  • Business plans, tenders and proposals
  • Contracts
  • Conference papers
  • Presentations
  • Promotional material including advertisements, media and press releases, flyers, catalogues and brochures
  • Technical, training and user manuals
  • Price lists and menus
  • Newsletters
  • E-marketing material, e-newsletters and e-documents
  • Websites and intranets

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